How to Get Around When a Pandemic Closes Mass Transit

Although no one wants to think about it, the fact remains that pandemics and other disasters can shut down mass transportation and public transportation in a heartbeat. 

If you rely on public transportation, such as buses, trains, and subways, what other choices will you have during a national emergency, such as a pandemic, or a local disaster?

You aren’t stranded, you only need to know these 5 things. 

#1 – Bicycles and Scooters

Depending on the weather and how far you need to travel, bicycles and scooters (motorized and electric) are terrific alternatives. Nearly everyone has a bicycle in their garage or shed. Electric scooters are often available for rent in large cities but don’t forget that electric and small motorized scooters are often sold in auto parts stores. If your errand involves a very short distance, consider using an old fashioned kick scooter. 

#2 – Segways

While they might have been laughed at when they were first introduced, Segways are another great alternative to mass transit. Like many electric scooters, their maximum is about 12MPH, but if you only need to travel a short distance, Segways go a maximum of 25 miles, these could be ideal. There are now seven different models to choose from, including a golf version. You can pick one of these up through Amazon and have it delivered right to your home or office. 

#3 – Ride-Share

If you know of someone or have a co-worker who lives near you and is driving to work or wherever it is you want to go, ride-sharing is a good option. Everyone should chip in their share for gas and maintenance, of course, and you might even consider taking turns driving. There are also apps you can download to your phone where you can request a ride from where you are to where you wish to go. Others who might also be headed in your direction can pick you up for a small fee. Some ride-sharing and peer-to-peer ridesharing companies include GoCarma, GetAround, and JustShareit. Keep in mind that these services don’t always work in your area, so double-check ahead of time. 

#4 – Car Rentals

If you have a driver’s license, you can rent a car. If you find you are having problems with the normal car companies, try renting personal vehicles using sites such as Turo. These sites allow you to rent someone’s extra car or car that they aren’t currently using. These sites are often much cheaper than conventional car rental agencies. 

#5 – Foot Power

There is something to be said for walking, jogging, or running. They burn calories, help keep you fit and can get you where you want to go. Short trips to the corner market or a few blocks away to the post office make good old fashioned foot power the obvious choice. 

Some of these choices, such as foot power or a kick scooter, obviously aren’t good choices for carrying a 50-pound bag of dog food or tackling that 25-mile commute. You can always alternate between these choices, however, until things get back to normal and public transport is restored

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