5 Tips to Help You Get Ready to Escape a Big City If Necessary

No one plans on being involved in a state emergency or evacuation plan, but sometimes, things can’t be avoided. Once everything has gone south, you won’t have time (or even be able to) lookup or read about what you can do.

Many of us are so reliant on Google Maps that we have forgotten exactly how to read a paper map

Being prepared in advance for the worst-case scenario (often referred to as a SHTF scenario) can mean the difference between escaping and surviving. Think about it, if you had to leave San Francisco, or Los Angeles, or San Diego, right now, with only one hour to bug out, what would you pack? Where would you go? How would you get there if the police and other agencies were unable to help you? 

There are five things that you can right now to make that scenario easier.

5 of the Best Tips You Will Ever Read

  • Be Prepared

You might be saying “Duh!” but do you know the number of people who live in San Fran or LA who have done zero preparation for an earthquake? And that scenario is inevitable. With the coronavirus still running at large and very little is known about it, who knows what the future brings. Prepare yourself NOW. Not next weekend, not next month, but ASAP. It’s the little things you plan for today that will make a difference tomorrow. 

  • Get a Paper Map

Many of us are so reliant on Google Maps that we have forgotten exactly how to read a paper map. What if the internet and 4G service are unavailable? Get a detailed paper map of your state and the state you plan to escape to. Put it in your bug out bag. 

  • Have an Evacuation Plan

You won’t be able to call a taxi or Uber for this one. Create several routes on your map in case one escape route isn’t viable. 

  • What Will You Do for Transportation?

This is always a tricky one since you won’t know if roads are passable. If you own or have access to motorcycles or even bicycles as a backup, this might be a good option. Consider registering for the MARAD Outreach System. The mariners have a program that will help in the event of a crisis and pick you up a specified dock. Now your only problem is finding a way to a dock. 

  • Communication

Don’t count on your cellphone in the case of a true emergency. These services will be shut down in favor of police or other first responders. A satellite phone would be a very wise investment or a Sat messaging device like the Garmin inReach. Landlines phones might be useful if the service hasn’t been cut. Ham radio operators are also another choice, but you need to know someone who has one wherever you are going. You might also try CB radios. These can be invaluable and while the frequencies might be jammed with people, hopefully, you can gain some information and communicate with others. 

Don’t wait for a disaster to strike before you prepare for an emergency. Prepare your evacuation plan now and create a bug out bag for every person in your family. 

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